Find accomodation

The increasing number of incoming international students has consequently resulted in a challenge for students to find affordable housing.

If you would like to avail student housing, the waiting period varies from one - two semesters. It is also common for queries on house search websites to go unanswered for months. The process happens to be a bit more painstaking for international students, since living arrangements without seeing the landlord/flatmates in advance tends to be risky for both the parties involved. Here is when your student advisor becomes your knight in shining armour. Connecting with students in your destination country will help you check the credibility of the offer to save you from internet scams. Your student advisor can also visit the place in advance to give you a heads up with real pictures before you make a money transfer or sign a contract. The best way to get your perfect apartment for international students is by word of mouth. Your student advisor can contact his/her connections, friends and latest apartment vacancies in the best areas to help you find your ideal home for the next four years!