After course info

While your college life can be an all immersive affair with a lot of new experiences, it is also important to plan your future and keep an open eye for job opportunities.

Connecting with students from the same field of study will help you get a very clear picture of possible future career opportunities. It is mindful to not start your journey abroad based on unrealistic expectations. Connecting with alumni and current students from your target University will remove all ambiguities and doubts that you have around steps to take after graduation. Your alumni will help you get acquainted with the professional world and answer your questions about availability of jobs, where to look for jobs, which positions to apply for, how to write job applications, salary expectations, management of finances, how to pay taxes and widen your network for entrepreneurial prospects. Student advisors can share important guidelines on how to create a professional profile, how to network in your city and how to crack job interviews. If you would like to earn while studying, your advisor could connect you to popular student jobs and part time jobs.