Application writing

The selection criteria of admission committees in foreign universities is bound to be very different from the selection procedure of universities in your home country.

procedure usually requires documents like academic portfolio, curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, job experience letters, internship experience letters etc. These application documents play a very important role in the selection procedure, as much as your academic score.

It is necessary to define clearly that your personality, experience and achievements fit well within the requirements that the University is looking for. Our student advisors who have already qualified the exhaustive admission procedure of your study course are here to help you prepare and refine your academic profile.

Students that are already studying in your target university have an in depth knowledge of the quality of work, style of portfolio, kind of internships and extra curricular activities sought by the admission committee. Connecting with students will help you morph your application documents to match the exact requirements of the selection procedure and increase your chances of being accepted in your desired university.