Prepare for your trip

Once everything is set, you need to focus on the last yet still nerve wrecking part of the procedure - packing the suitcase.

Since you wouldn’t have the chance to visit home for at least the next six months to a year or more, it is important that your packing is as compact and complete as possible. Get a brush up from your student advisor about the essentials - different sets of clothes needed for the changing weather, latest fashion trends, available/not available ingredients in your new country to make your staple food, availability of your dietary preferences, utensils you need to carry from your home country to make your favourite home cooked food etc. Before you book your flights, make sure to ask your student advisor for websites with the best flight deals, most convenient airways and tips to get the cheapest offers. They have done it many more times than you and will be willing to share the tips and tricks they have up their sleeves. Starting in a new university can be both exciting and apprehensive at the same time.

Connecting with student advisors will also help you connect with like minded people and make your first friends. Most universities have a variety of activity groups like various forms of dance clubs, sport clubs, reading clubs, media centers, drama clubs, theater groups, innovation centers etc. Your student advisor will help you sign up for new activities, student exchange programmes, show you around your new city, guide you to the best student bars, parties, concerts, festivals and events.