Select uni and course

Universities offer a variety of courses in the fields of art, commerce and sciences.The first and the most crucial task is to select the right course from the right university.

challenging task for an international student since it is difficult to determine genuine university rankings, quality of education and professional scope of your selected field of study in a foreign country. It is common to get lost in the myriad of information available online and even harder to know the credibility of the source of information. With us, you can connect with students that are studying your desired study course in the country you plan to study. This will help you receive authentic information about your field of study, since your student advisor will speak from first hand knowledge and real life experiences. They will help you get acquainted with the professional scope and job opportunities of your study course in that country. If you are confused about which study programme to choose, connecting with a student from those fields of study will help you get a clear mind on the subject. Students can also inform you about the new and upcoming fields of study or study courses similar to your interests but with a wider professional scope. After you have selected your study course, it is important to choose the appropriate university for your study programme. While a reputed university might be the best for a certain field of study, your course may or may not be the primary focus of specialization. Another challenge that comes in the way of selecting the right University for your specific field of study is; some study programmes are focused on practical work to prepare students for the job market. And some study programmes are geared towards academic research to prepare students for higher studies like Masters or PHD. Connecting with students from your target university will help you know if your selected university is aligned with your future goals. Getting in touch with student advisors will also help you get real feedback about the quality of education, teaching methods of the professors, practicality of projects, variety of subjects etc which will help you make the best decision for your future.