One to one mentoring

connect with students for an audio or video session and resolve your queries

What is a one-to-one mentoring session?


Flying abroad for higher education is one of the most exciting and challenging decisions one takes as a young adult. If you are a prospective international student, then with our one-to-one mentoring session, you can connect with current students or the alumni of your dream university anywhere across the globe with an audio or video mentoring session. We at SAM connect you with students who have successfully gone through the exhaustive application procedure and are now happily living the study abroad experience you want to have.

Why take a one-to-one mentoring session?

The process of applying to a university as an international student can be very confusing, as you have to depend on unreliable sources of information like internet websites or on people having no first hand experience of life as an international student like study abroad centers.


We connect you with the most credible source when it comes to guidance on studying abroad - students who are studying your desired course of study, in the country you plan to study in at your target university.

Personal guidance

A one-to-one mentoring session with these students enables you to receive personal feedback on your application documents, academic profile, work experience, curriculum vitae and letters of reference in a safe and sound virtual space.

Authentic Information from real experiences

Your mentor will also be able to, and we cannot stress this enough; accurately answer frequently raised queries like culture and lifestyle of the country, student life in the university, scope of the study programme, future job opportunities etc. Your mentor will bring you all this knowledge from his/her own lived experiences, which will paint a vivid picture in your head about what to expect when you start your study programme.

How does it work?

In just three simple steps, you are connected to one of our student advisor’s through a video call or an online chat box. On our registration page, make your student profile. You can upload your admission requirement documents, visa documents, portfolio; everything that you require mentoring on. Once you have done so, you will be able to see our vast pool of student advisors. Choose your own student advisor according to his/her profile, academic credentials, course of study, country of study and university. Next, book an appointment and pay through our safe and secure online banking system to proceed to your one to one mentoring session.